Chiropractic Testimonials from Sunnyvale

“My son recommended Dr Shu. I had back issues and Dr Shu has been able to help me. Dr Shu is always welcoming.”

“I work long hours at the office and would occasionally have discomfort and back pain. Since visiting Shu Chiropractic, I no longer experience back pain.”


“I have a long commute that puts tension on my back. I was always in a bad mood before getting Chiropractic treatments. Now I get adjusted regularly and it helps me with my energy level. Dr Shu genuinely cares about getting you better.”

“I had a shoulder injury from working out and I was able to get better at Shu Chiropractic. I highly recommend Shu Chiropractic to those who are stressed out from work. Dr Shu is like a friend”


“He goes beyond what a regular chiropractor will do. He teaches me different exercises. He follows up to make sure I am doing well.”


Patient Treatment Demonstrations and Health Tips

New Patient Service Walkthrough

How to Stretch Your Upper Back - Great for Office Workers!