Meet the Doctors at Shu Chiropractic


Dr Victor Shu

Dr. Shu graduated with top honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 2002, and soon after began practicing chiropractic.

As a teenager, Dr. Shu often experienced extreme back pain, which his family doctor labeled as "normal growing pains". It was not until college that Dr. Shu realized his pain was not normal, and he began researching for alternative medicine and therapies. A breakthrough happened when he visited a chiropractor, and experienced major improvement in his pain after just two sessions. That was the spark that ignited his passions for chiropractic care.

When he is not helping his patients, Dr. Shu enjoys spending time outdoors, exercising, and volunteering in his community. He possesses a strong passion for classical music, and can often be found giving private piano recitals.

Dr Shu has been serving patients in Sunnyvale and Daly City.

Dr Shu shares his story on why he became a chiropractor.


Dr Mehrbod Rafia

Dr. Rafia works together with Dr. Shu at Shu Chiropractic, providing gentle treatments for chronic pain and injuries. Dr. Rafia graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic.