Cold Laser Therapy and its Effects

Cold laser therapy can help you rapidly reduce pain and inflammation and/or quickly strengthen healed tissues to prevent re-injury.The EVRL increases the speed of healing through a complex augmentation of your body’s normal inflammatory process. The non-thermal laser penetrates deep into your tissue promoting photobiostimulation. In essence, the cellular metabolism increases which in turn accelerates cell repair, increases blood flow, and stimulates the immune and lymphatic systems.


Photobiostimulation energizes cells and accelerates your body’s normal healing process. That’s not all; Low Level Cold Laser Therapy with the EVRL also improves collagen and muscle tissue development, and helps generate new healthy cells and tissue. Clinical studies to date have shown a reduction in pain, inflammation, edema and an overall faster healing time. Amazingly, the EVRL creates true healing instead of masking pain as in the case of ice, heat, medication, and electrical stimulation.